About us

Professional safety training provided by Be Engaged Safety

The Be Engaged team have a proven track record in delivering specialised safety services within high hazard industries.


Oil and Gas

Our team have a wealth of experience within, onshore, offshore, oil & gas projects. This includes Turnaround events, On-boarding and safety coaching services.

Power Generation

Our coaches have a depth of experience across the whole power generation sector. We offer bespoke coaching packages from construction, commissioning to end of life projects.

Renewable Energy

We have team members with direct experience of the largest wind energy projects ever commissioned, their skill set is second to none.

Tunnelling and Mining

The Be Engaged team have worked on the UK’s largest tunnelling projects. Addressing the key health and safety issues associated with shaft sinking, tunnelling and mining regulations compliance.

Construction Industry

All Be Engaged consultants have working experience within the construction industry. They are knowledgeable safety professionals regarding all aspects of HSE construction projects.


The Be Engaged team have a wide range of experience in addressing all of the critical safety factors within the utility sector.