Safety Leadership Training

About this service

A healthy ‘Safety Culture’ is generated at the head of the organisation, it is clearly visible throughout the management tiers demonstrated by their commitment and passion for safety, this will then naturally cascades down to reach all levels of the organisation.

Dynamic leadership and their capacity to define safety goals, develop implementation procedures, and ensure the workforce are fully compliant with all of the company’s safety programs are essential for success. A safety leaders enthusiasm and desire to motivate team performance cannot be understated.

Safety leadership coaching workshops clearly define the role of on-site leaders and enable attendees to become more effective role models and leaders. Workshops explore the various leadership models and their efficacy in order to create practical methods of implementation.

An insight into Situational Leadership coupled with scenario building and practice sessions both challenge and better equip your key players, enhancing their methods of communication to produce a more adaptable workforce.

Coaching workshops have been delivered to great effect across a wide range of professions and industries. Maximum benefit is obtained when the initial class-based training is supported by on-site follow-up coaching sessions to embed the learning cycle.

Key Stages

Clarify the client’s needs using the GROW coaching model

Organisational observation

Create a bespoke safety leadership package

On-site coaching

Performance Review

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