Supervisor Coaching

About this service

Effective frontline supervision is a key element to the success of any project or organisation within a high hazard industry. There is an expectation placed upon modern-day supervisors to manage a wide range of responsibilities from programme delivery to QHSE.

Be Engaged Coaching believes that an investment in leadership coaching and support of front line supervisors is fundamental to developing appropriate leadership skills; maximising potential and the project’s ultimate success.

We provide ‘Design and Deliver’ bespoke Leadership Coaching Programmes, that will ensure your safety systems of work are fully understood and effectively utilized by frontline supervision.

Key Stages

Consultation Phase- to establish the organisation’s expectations and requirements

Observation & Engagement phase – an initial at the work-site observation period to create relationships & initiate trust building

Analyse data, Design and Implementation Phase

Augmented 1-2-1 on site coaching of front line supervision

Continuous improvement sustained through a Review and Evaluation process

How do I book this service?

Email us at and we'll get back to you as soon it is safe to do so!